Municipalities of Saskatchewan

As a service to our members, Municipalities of Saskatchewan began offering election forms, supplies and ballot printing during the 1997 election year. It provides a one-stop shop for all Municipalities of Saskatchewan members with the assurance that supplies will be up-to-date and a staff member available to answer questions or refer them to the appropriate contacts at Government Relations. Municipalities of Saskatchewan members can conveniently email or fax order forms for election forms, supplies, and ballots to the SUMA office for processing.

Member Advantages

  • Substantial cost savings, based on bulk purchasing of supplies and bulk processing of ballots
  • Election forms as prescribed by The Local Government Election Act accurately reproduced ready for use on election day
  • Forms and supplies shipped using the most cost effective method for each individual municipality (within one to two days of order receipt)
  • Guaranteed processing of ballot orders to meet the limited turn-around time between close of nominations, advance poll, and election dates

Member Order Forms

Member Invoicing:
Members will be invoiced directly from Municipalities of Saskatchewan.

Print Your Own: Visit the Election Forms Hub to download and print your own Election Forms.
Contact Information
Due to the Coronavirus, Municipalities of Saskatchewan will be working remotely. Please scan and email forms to Coleen Gudbranson or phone at 306-525-3727.