Catterall & Wright Consulting Engineers

Catterall & Wright Consulting Engineers has a long standing relationship with Saskatchewan and its communities. Established in 1965, they continue to offer professional municipal engineering services from their Saskatoon office to municipalities throughout Saskatchewan. They help communities plan, grow, solve problems, and improve ageing infrastructure with their practical design approach and personal attention from a team who cares.

Catterall & Wright has four main groups to provide a wide range of services: Land, Water/Structures, Planning, and Transportation. Each group is supported by field staff, CAD staff, and administrative support. They are well versed in current engineering technology and analytical software, both in the office and in the field. Their project managers and designers will be with you from start to finish with any project. Offering services to provincial leaders since 1965 has allowed them to develop significant and long-lasting relationships across the province. These strong relationships enable their team to provide the most efficient and trusted service possible with clients. Trust is one of the cornerstones in their organization. Trust is built over time. High levels of trust result in their ability to provide the most efficient and effective services to clients. Catterall & Wright believes in offering a variety of solutions, when circumstances allow, to ensure Councils can make the most informed decision possible. They provide prompt and reliable consultation from start to finish, ensuring cost effective solutions are delivered to clients.

Services include:

  • Pre-design and feasibility reports
  • Asset management and compiled plans
  • Planning services including OCPs, zoning bylaws, plan of proposed subdivisions, downtown planning, and municipal planning advisory
  • Transportation services including traffic impact assessments, traffic corridor studies, traffic count surveys roadway/ intersection concept plans, and design of active transportation facilities
  • Detailed design and tendering of municipal infrastructure including water treatment, supply and distribution; wastewater collection, pumping and treatment (lagoons); storm water management and drainage; roadway repairs and construction
  • Surveying and inspection using our total station, GPS or UAV equipment

“The Town of Biggar has been using the engineering services of Catterall & Wright since their hiring date of May 23, 1972. Their knowledge of Biggar’s history and its workings has proven to be very beneficial in our past projects and our visions for future development. Their professional skills, dedication, great attitudes and trustworthy work ethics are evident in all aspects of their engineering practices. We consider them a valuable part of our municipality and highly recommend their services.” — Barb Barteski, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Biggar.

For more information, Carleen Bartel will be happy to help at 306-343-7280.