Caterpillar, Inc. Alternative Energy

Caterpillar, Inc. Alternative Energy is a leading provider of power and energy systems. Their technical expertise, integrates support services, innovation, and global reach, allow them to provide the highest value for their customers, opportunity for employees, and return for shareholders. Together, Municipalities of Saskatchewan and Sourcewell have created a business and service relationship through a competitively tendered process — done on your behalf. With Sourcewell Contract #120617-CAT, Municipalities of Saskatchewan members are now able to get through Finning Power Systems:

  • Diesel generator sets from 40KW to 3MW, prime, continuous, and standby applications;
  • Natural gas generators from 100KW to 2.5MW, prime, continuous, and standby applications;
  • Tier 4 mobile generators;
  • Automatic transfer switches;
  • Paralleling controls;
  • Custom power generation switchgear line ups;
  • Generator maintenance programs; and
  • Rental heating, cooling, dehumidification, compressed air, and power generation solutions.

Let’s Begin

  1. Contact Gavin Gunderson at 306-713-2812 with your desired specs and ask for the Municipalities of Saskatchewan/Sourcewell pricing.
  2. Grab a coffee. You gained valuable time by not doing the tender paperwork.