BTY is a leading construction advisory group that provides clients with the technical due diligence required to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain complex projects. Beginning in 1978, BTY was established in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary to provide cost estimating services. The firm now works with both public and private sector partners helping them deliver new and redeveloped construction projects across Canada. They accomplish this through a wide array of services including:

  • Cost Management/Quantity Surveying from early design stages through to tender and construction;
  • Project Management and expertise in managing teams, schedules, procurement, and scope delivery;
  • Technical Advisory services for lenders and owners to monitor project progress and mitigate risks;
  • Operations and Maintenance expertise to evaluate lifecycle approach and asset performance;
  • Transaction Advisory due diligence for investors comprising of asset analysis and valuation; and
  • Project Monitoring expertise for payment review, contract and milestone completion.

Their approach blends strong local knowledge with global practices to maximize value to our clients. We have helped guide the development of schools, hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, roads, LRT networks, airports, bridges, utilities infrastructure, and recreation centres in towns, cities, and major urban metropolises.

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