Suncorp Valuations

A SUMAdvantage partner with SUMA for over nine years, Suncorp Valuations provides professional appraisal services for our members. They specialize in appraisal reports for insurance placement, loss control services and property records for accounting purposes. Suncorp Valuations has become an industry leader throughout Canada in the provision of independent valuation services. Owned and managed by Accredited Valuation Professionals, they are one of the largest insurance appraisal practices in North America.

Member Advantages

1. Professional fee discounts, ranging from five to fifteen per cent

  • Cost effective annual updating service

2. Fees disbursed over five years making it easier for budgeting 3. Standardized services which meet the specific reporting requirements of:

  • Insurance brokers, underwriters and claims personnel
  • Municipal auditors
  • SUMAssure

4. All our appraisal reports for Saskatchewan municipalities include:

  • Building construction and services
  • Furnishings and equipment
  • Mobile equipment
  • Yard improvements
  • Building codes and bylaws
  • Demolition and debris removal costs

Member Invoicing Suncorp will apply the member discount and invoice directly to the member municipality. Contact Information Call Suncorp Valuations for a free estimate on services and identify yourself as a SUMA member. Tom Gardiner, President and CEO Phone: 306-652-0311