Ace Vegetation Service

With over 30 years experience, Ace Vegetation Service is a leader in vegetation management, providing services throughout Western Canada including dust suppression. To control dust, Ace Vegetation Service uses an emulsion called Entac by ENSSolutions. It is a stable mixture of immiscible liquids held in suspension by small amounts of finely divided Tall Oil Pitch (TOP) particles and emulsifiers. Entac is composed of natural ingredients and it will not contribute undesirable metals, organic chemicals, or other compounds to the environment. It will be biodegrade over time and this ultimately produces some naturally occurring breakdown products. It will behave no differently in the environment than other plant or tree products, such as leaves, pine needles and wood fibre. ENSSolutions’ Top Oil Pitch emulsion is extremely effective at sealing granular shoulders to prevent erosion and preserving your assets. By forming a wind and water-proof barrier, the fines are preserved and erosion is prevented for a minimum of 2 years.

  • Reduce maintenance costs from erosion and wash-outs
  • Improve road safety through elimination of edge drop-offs
  • Extends the life of pavement by preserving the shoulder
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to Calcium Chloride

Members will be invoiced from Ace Vegetation Service with quoted pricing. Please make sure to identify yourself as a Municipalities of Saskatchewan member when you call Ian McDonald at 780-955-8980.