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Flood Preparedness Program to Help Saskatchewan Communities

April 04, 2013

Today, the government of Saskatchewan confirmed it will help Saskatchewan residents facing the threat of flooding through the 2013 Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program. It will provide engineering and technical assistance to municipalities, while sharing the cost of flood prevention works - both permanent and temporary.

Level of coverage varies depending on the work, from 50 to 100 per cent. Projects must be approved by the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency to qualify for funding. You can call the nearest Water Security Agency office or 1-866-727-5420 to request assistance through the program.

More details on…

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Exclusive Pricing on Municipal World Subscriptions

March 18, 2013

SUMA is partnered with Municipal World to offer a 12-month subscription at a discount of 42 per cent off the full price subscription fee.  
The price offered exclusively to SUMA is $31.99 plus GST for a 12-month subscription. To take advantage of this offer, please fill out this form and return to SUMA no later than April 30, 2013.

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SUMA Applauds Investment in Urban Governments

March 18, 2013

Urban governments in Saskatchewan are pleased with the provincial government’s continued support for our cities, towns and villages in their efforts to help our province grow. 

“Saskatchewan’s villages, towns and cities are experiencing unprecedented growth,” said Mayor Debra Button, SUMA President. “Urban governments across the province are on the frontline, providing the services and infrastructure we need to attract business and new residents. The government’s investment in our communities will go a long way to helping us meet the demands of growth.”

See the full media release for more information.

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Province Announces Record Revenue Sharing

March 14, 2013

Thanks to an increase in revenue received through the provincial sales tax (PST), municipalities will see the highest revenue sharing totals yet in 2013-14. The government announced $170 million for Saskatchewan's urban governments, an increase of more than $18 million.

Full details are available in the news release. SUMA provided this response to the announcement.

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New Board Prepares to Meet

March 13, 2013

This Friday, the SUMA Board of Directors will meet for the first time since the new Board has been in place. The Board now includes:

President: Mayor Debra Button
Vice-President of Cities: Mayor Malcolm Eaton
Vice-President of Towns: Mayor Rodger Hayward
Vice-President of Villages, Resort Villages and Northern Municipalities: Mayor Barry Gunther
Executive Member Saskatoon/Regina: Councillor Darren Hill
Director - Northern Region: Mayor Bruce Fidler
Director - Northwest Region: Mayor Ben Buhler
Director - Northeast Region: Councillor Glenn George
Director - West Central Region: Mayor Al Heron

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Provincial Government Holds The Line On Education Property Tax

March 06, 2013

Today, Premier Wall announced that the overal amount of education property tax levied in Saskatchewan will remain steady in 2013. This means that the education tax rates in next week's budget will be reduced "significantly" in light of the increased value of property across the province.

Though the total tax amount will remain steady, taxes for some property owners will change, depending on whether their assessment went up more or less than average.

The full release is available on the Government of Saskatchewan website.

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Saskatchewan Cities Driving Growth

February 25, 2013

According to the Conference Board of Canada, Saskatoon and Regina will be the fastest growing metropolitan growth, not just in Saskatchewan, but across the country. The best news: it's not just a "boom"

The report says the leading city, Saskatoon, should expect Real GDP growth of 3.7 per cent as the construction and services sectors "thrive." Regina's GDP forecase comes in a close second at 3.5 per cent, "building futher on three exceptionally strong years."

Read more on this story in the Leader-Post.

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SUMA Advocacy Funding

February 21, 2013

At the SUMA convention this year, delegates had the chance to provide feedback to Board members on the proposal to increase membership fees to create a dedicated pool of funding to advance SUMA’s advocacy work.

Feedback from members was generally very supportive. However, several key messages were received by SUMA:

  • SUMA needs to be extremely transparent with members about how this money will be used and what objectives will be achieved with the funding.
  • Members need to be able to see progress and there needs to be measurable performance indicators.
  • SUMA needs to regularly report to members with…

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Winter Roof Collapse Hazard-SUMAssure Risk Control Bulletin

February 15, 2013

SUMAssure, Saskatchewan's first home-grown insurance reciprocal, provides benefits to subscribers on top of the low premiums. Risk management information is regularly provided to subscribers; the most recent bulletin was on the risk of roof collapse due to snow buildup. 

This bulletin is a sample of the risk management information provided to SUMAssure subscribers. For more information on SUMAssure, contact Group Benefits Manager, Shauna Audette, at 306-525-4393 or Please be sure to include your full name and the name of your municipality.

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SUMA Excited for the Next Step Toward Recycling Program

February 11, 2013

The Ministry of Environment announced today that the Multi-Material Recycling Program (MMRP) regulations were approved last week. Urban governments have been waiting for this since 2005, when the MMRP was first advocated by SUMA. For the last eight years, SUMA worked with industry, the ministry and other stakeholders to develop the draft regulations.

For more information, read the full media release from SUMA. The Ministry of Environment issued this release.

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