Convention 2017

February 5 – 8, 2017

Sunday Education Sessions

Gear Up to Manage Your Assets: E1 and E7

Unlocking New Revenue Sources: E2/E8

Get a Move Ahead on Climate Change: E4 and E10

Moulding Municipal Champions: E5 and E11

Are You a Target? Security in the digital age: E6 and E12

Monday Education Sessions

Examining the Economic Forecast of Saskatchewan: E13

Creating Business Links with First Nations: E14

Illuminating the Role of Watersheds: E15

Tuesday Breakout Sessions

The Keys to Innovative Government – Cities Breakout Session

Promotional Profiles for Economic Growth – Towns and Villages Breakout Session

It Takes All the Pieces of the Puzzle: Cultivating a diverse council – Towns and Villages Breakout Session

Municipal Leaders’ Roles and Responsibilities Workshop

November 17 and 23, 2016

The Council-Administration Dynamic

Wise Stewardship

SUMA Overview

UMAAS Overview

Regional Meetings 2016

November 15–25, 2016

SUMA Overview, Policy Update, and Corporate Programs and Member Services Update

Education session: Social Media for Elected Officials and Municipalities (delivered at Southeast and East Central meetings)

Education session: New Municipal Conflict of Interest Rules (delivered at East Central and Southwest meetings)

Village Sector Meeting 2016

May 10 – 11, 2016

Policy and Legal Update: Presentations from SUMA

Duty of Fairness: Presentation from Ombudsman Saskatchewan

Regionalization of Water Infrastructure: Presentation 

RCMP Policing Costs Breakdown: Presentation from Ministry of Justice

SUMAdvantage: Presentation from SUMA

Bylaw Workshop

May 10, 2016

Drafting Municipal Bylaws: Presentation from Saskatchewan Government Relations Advisory Services & Municipal Relations Branch

Enforcing Municipal Bylaws: Presentation on the Community Safety Officer Program

Prosecuting Municipal Bylaws: Presentation from Chrystal Atchison, City of Regina City Solicitor's Office

Convention 2016

January 31 - February 3, 2016

Sunday Education Sessions

How Fire Service Affects Property Insurance: E1 and E7

Public Procurement Practices to Avoid a Lawsuit: E2 and E8

Keeping Council Out of Conflict: E3

Three Rs: Regulations Requirements, and Recycling: E4 (Part one and Part two) and E10 (Part one and Part two)

Rail Safety Measures to Prepare and Protect: E5 and E11

Property Assessment 201: Preparing for Revaluation 2017: E6 and E12

Monday Education Sessions

E13: Taking a Chance on Change

E14: Lessons Learned Through the 2015 Wildfires

E15: Open Forum on Council Operations

Tuesday Breakout Sessions

Cities: Growing Green

Towns and Villages Above 500: Filling the Volunteer Void

Towns and Villages Below 500: Building Solid Employment Relationships

Convention 2014

February 2-5, 2014

Sunday Education Sessions
E1: Today's Saskatchewan
E7: Today's Saskatchewan 

E2: Regional Recreation Collaboration 
E8: Regional Recreation Collaboration 

E4: Privacy Legislation and Council
E10: Privacy Legislation and Council

E5: Managing Roadway Risk – Getting people from here to there safely
E11: Managing Roadway Risk – Getting people from here to there safely

Monday Education Sessions
E12: Planning and Development

E13: Mission: Zero

E14: The Importance of Communication

Tuesday Breakout Sessions
Towns and Villages with Population Above 500 - PowerPoint

Convention 2013

February 3-6, 2013

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Sunday Education Sessions

E1 & E8 - Public Advocacy: How to effectively influence your local MLA

E2 & E9 - Labour Law: What you should know

E3 & E10 - The Ask an Expert Panel

E5 & E12 - Safeguarding Your Financial Assets

E6 & E13 - The Untold Story of Recycling


Tuesday Keynote - George Cuff


Tuesday Breakout Sessions

Cities: Effective Public Engagement

Towns and Villages with Population over 500: Transforming the Council/Administration Relationship

Convention 2012

January-February 2012