Resolutions for Convention 2018

Convention resolutions are one of the ways SUMA members can get their issues to the forefront, and a great opportunity to get municipal issues in the spotlight with media and other orders of government. The 2018 package was emailed to member municipalities on December 21 — you will not receive a physical copy in the mail. 

Get prepared for the resolutions session at Convention 2018 by reviewing the resolutions package, including the process for the session at Convention. We have 23 resolutions this year, so getting familiar with the process allows us to make the most of our limited time on the Convention floor. A few procedural points to note:

  • All speakers must be both elected officials and Convention 2018 delegates.
  • After the sponsoring community has seconded their resolution, the chair will ask for speakers opposed or seeking amendments. Unless there is debate on the issue, agreement can be shown through your vote.
  • During debate, speakers are limited to two minutes. There will be a clock to show your remaining time, and mics will be silenced when time runs out, so we may move through debate efficiently.
    • Sponsoring municipalities get three minutes to second their resolution, and if there is debate, one minute to close. 
  • If we run out of time at the session, resolutions that did not make it to the floor will be presented to the next meeting of the SUMA Board of Directors. 

If you missed the November 15, 2017 deadline for Convention 2018, you can start preparing for Convention 2019. We encourage you to review our Resolutions Policy and check out past resolutions as you work on your own resolution.