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Town of Unity seeks Director of Public Works

Reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer, the Director of Public Works is responsible for leading and managing the operations and administration of the Public Works department including General Operations, Water and Wastewater, and Sanitation divisions. The Director provides oversight and optimizes planning to for the effective delivery of Municipal Works and Services. The Director ensures that the allocation of departmental resources is aligned with the Town’s strategic priorities.

In this role, the Director of Public Works would find themselves effectively managing staff, responding to inquiries, and investigating complaints from the public and public agencies, and ensuring Health and Safety is a priority. In addition, the Director would assist with infrastructure development and capital projects, preparing and monitoring budgets, providing service to other Town’s departments, and representing the Town in negotiations with stakeholders in regard to Public Works related items.

Please visit our website for a detailed job description of the position.

Expires: October 14, 2020