SUMA's 2021 Federal Election Advocacy Hub

This page is dedicated to providing you with information on SUMA’s advocacy campaign during the 44th Federal Election. Here you will find information on the key issues we’ll be raising (in various forms), links to social media platforms, and recent articles relating to the issues we are championing. Please check back often, as this page will be updated throughout the course of the election campaign until Canadians go to the polls on September 20, 2021.


Campaign Overview

For the 2021 Federal Election Campaign, SUMA has identified three key themes that we will be discussing in a variety of forums throughout the campaign:

  1. Building Sustainable Communities
  2. Building Safer Communities
  3. Building Better Relationships

We are calling on all federal parties to present platforms that:

  • Build more sustainable communities by providing much-needed economic support and broadband access;
  • Build safer communities by working collaboratively to address mental health and addictions, provide national leadership in addressing drugs and gangs and assists communities with climate resilience; and
  • Build better relationships by inviting municipalities to the table to discuss infrastructure priorities, RCMP policing, getting resources to market, and a carbon tax rebate for the municipal sector.


Important Resources from SUMA


This document explains the key messages and background of the issues SUMA is highlighting in this campaign. Review these carefully to ensure you understand the issues.


Letters to the Editor Template

This Word document is provided for you to personalize with your municipality's information and send to your local newspaper(s). With the shortened timeline of this election, we have condensed all of the issues we'll be focusing on into a single letter. 

  • Building Safer, More Sustainable Communities and a Better Federal-Municipal Relationship - Download


Letter to Candidates Template

This Word document is another one for you to personalize on behalf of your municipality. When it is personalized, you can send a copy to each candidate in your riding. And don't forget to also send a copy to SUMA. 
Municipal Issues


President's Update

As the campaign progresses, members should watch their email for updates from SUMA's president Rodger Hayward. We are also sharing videos from President Hayward on our social media. 


Online Federal Election Forum

On September 14 SUMA held a Federal Election Forum, bringing together five federal candidates from Saskatchewan representing: the Conservative Party of Canada, the Green Party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party, and the People's Party of Canada. 

During the forum, candidates shared how their party plans to work with municipalities and answered municipal questions. The questions were:

  • As the order of government closest to the people, municipalities understand the needs of their residents. These needs include access to reliable broadband, ensuring the community they call home is resilient to climate change, having their infrastructure needs met, and feeling safe and supported in their community. How will your party support and work with municipalities to build safer, sustainable communities?
  • What will your party do to address the divides in our country? Particularly between east and west.
  • As we have learned from the pandemic we've seen how much we can achieve when we work together. We need strong representation for the prairie provinces to continue advocating for our needs, which are very different from our eastern counterparts. How do you plan to keep open communication with municipalities as well as organizations such as FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities), SUMA, and SARM (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities)?
  • Transparency is strongly pushed for municipalities and it is 100 per cent the correct path. What will your party do to increase transparency at the federal level?
  • My village has a population under 250, including children and seniors. Our tax base is a smaller number. I would like to hear your thoughts on federal grant opportunities, particularly infrastructure grants. Would your party consider hiring regional professionals at the federal governments' expense, whose job it is to respond to grant requirements in order to level the field for rural and remote communities who do not have the resources available in our few cities?
  • What are the parties' strategies for eliminating the deficit while still maintaining a strong economy?

Watch the forum recording


Election Platforms

SUMA has been watching the media for the four main parties' (Liberal, Conservative, NDP, and Green Party) election platforms. We have gathered information from those platforms relevent to municipalities and divided it into our three main topics: building sustainable communities, building safer communities, and building better relationships, and compiled it into one document for easy reference.

You can download that document here.

Other Online Resources

Municipal Information Network  

Federation of Canadian Muncipalities Election Campaign: Frontline Solutions

Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) 


Social Media

Throughout the election campaign, we encourage you to share and retweet our social media content, as well as that of the FCM. We’ve also included a list of suggested hashtags to get our messages spread as widely as possible — and to those who need to see them.


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