Tiger Calcium

With more than 40 years experience, Tiger Calcium has become a leader in the calcium industry that mines, manufactures, supplies and applies premium calcium chloride products. Tiger Calcium’s Formula 35 Premium Dust Control is a liquid calcium chloride formula specifically developed for optimal dust control and road stabilization. The hygroscopic properties of Formula 35 reduces dust and stabilizes soil by keeping the surface damp longer, binding the fine particles of dust together and contributing to better compaction of the road material. As the calcium chloride brine is processed, it is filtered multiple times to remove impurities resulting in a contaminant-free, clear brine. Member Invoicing Members will be invoiced from Tiger Calcium with the quoted pricing. Please make sure to identify yourself as a SUMA member. Contact Information Gina McKinnon, Sales Coordinator Chris Yankee, Sales Representative Northern Saskatchewan Cory Burns, Sales Representative Southern Saskatchewan Phone: 403-930-4685