NSC Minerals

NSC Minerals offers a natural liquid calcium chloride brine for dust control. When this mix of liquid calcium chloride is introduced to gravel bed roadways, it binds the fine dust within the soil structure to maintain moisture. This binding prevents dust from being expelled into the environment when distributed by road traffic. While the company’s core business is road de-icing, it is a major supplier of salt minerals to industrial users and produces calcium chloride within their own facility. Calcium chloride brine is also used as a tire ballast agent (sometimes referred to as heavy water). Being a very dense liquid, resistant to freezing to -45C, it provides extra weight to the tire resulting in better grip. It can also be used as a winter de-icing agent either directly applied as an anti icing or de-icing agent as well as treating salt and sand to enhance the features of these products. Working effectively to melt snow and ice below -45C. Member Invoicing Members will be invoiced from NSC Minerals with quoted pricing. Please make sure to identify yourself as a SUMA member. Contact Information Rob Lozinski Phone: 306-934-6477