RMA Fuel

RMA Fuel and Lubricant Program is an innovative national program specializing in the distribution of fuel and lubricants. Through strategic supplier partnerships, RMA Fuel offers a simple alternative to managing fuel and lubricant purchases. RMA Fuel ensures that its member municipalities are purchasing fuel at a fair cost. RMA Fuel (formerly PFA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta and is one of the business units of the Aggregated Business Services division. Since the purchase of RMA Fuel in 2008, the program has reached 56 million litres in fuel and lubricant purchases. RMA Fuel serves members across Canada and provides them with access to competitive pricing for fuel, lubricants, and fuel analyses. Supplier Partnerships Imperial Oil (ESSO) offers bulk fuel delivered by Crop Production Services (Formerly Viterra); lubricants through agents with the billings administered by Blue Water Alberta LP; cardlock through the KEY to the Highway locations; and fleet fuel at the ESSO service stations across Saskatchewan. Petro-Canada Lubricants offers a complete line of greases, oil and fluids that go beyond today’s standards through a widespread global network of distributors. Parkland Industries offers fleet fuel at FAS GAS and Race Trac locations across Saskatchewan.

Free Cost Analysis
If you would like to join the Fuel Supply Program, please forward your invoices to Tyler Hannemann. RMA Fuel will compare the prices you paid for fuel to those you would have paid had you purchased through the program. A detailed report of the findings will be provided to you. Contact Information
Tyler Hannemenn Phone: 780-955-8403 Website: www.RMAlberta.com