Chem International

We are pleased announce Chem International as our SUMAdvantage wastewater treatment chemical partner. Specializing in industrial wastewater management and municipal drainage solutions, they also provide commercial sanitation and maintenance chemicals. Each chemical that is to go under the Chem International (CI) name must pass the most rigorous of tests, and trials.

Member Advantages

Chem International has issued set pricing on core-list items to give you added certainty and stability to budget properly. No more guesswork and constant renegotiations when ordering. A certified AIR MILES Reward Miles partner, they’ll give one mile for every $30 spent. Core-list wastewater treatment chemicals:
  • CI Digester: Versitile Liquid BioEnzyme
  • CI Chemzyme: Powder BioEnzyme
  • CI Biotrap: Lift Station Degreaser
  • CI Excelsior: Powder BioEnzyme for Industrial Waste Streams
  • CI Sludge Sharks: Lagoon Sludge Degreaser
  • CI Avenger: Bio Chemical Remediation for Oil Spills
  • CI Respond: Booster Compound for Nutrient Deficient Waste Streams
Member Invoicing Orders are to be placed through Chem International. SUMA will invoice member municipality with the discount applied. Contact Information Call Toll Free at 1-800-665-7287 or your sales representative, Brain Weinberger, at 306-949-8314.