SUMAdvantage Committees

SUMAdvantage began with a simple premise: Save SUMA members money through bulk purchasing with strategic partners. To leverage the right resources and create the best possible programs, we need advice from our members.

Working with our members is essential to the success of our programs and there are two ways to get involved: The Program Development Advisory Committee for program suggestions and the Bid Evaluation Committee for individual program selection.

Program Development Advisory Committee

The Program Development Advisory Committee is composed from the administration of our member municipalities. They help us determine the procurement needs of our members and give SUMA feedback and professional insight on our overall SUMAdvantage program development. This committee is responsible for creating a list of opportunities and uses this as a template to pursue and prioritize programs by urgency. We call this the Calendar of Opportunities. It shows members the status of the programs and where it will go in the future. It also shows vendors when they can expect to bid to join the SUMAdvantage program as a partner.

Sectoral representation is key to the committee, so we solicit volunteers because we know our members’ needs can vary greatly. The committee communicates by email and two to four conference calls per year. We know our committee members are busy, so we provide agendas to make sure we stay on track and keep calls short - under an hour.

The Program Development Committee is an important part of how we are growing SUMAdvantage to help municipalities save money.

Bid Evaluation Committee

The Bid Evaluation Committee helps choose a vendor for the program determined by the PDAC. This starts with the Request for Proposal process, the first step in creating or revamping any program. By assembling a Bid Evaluation Committee, this helps us determine a fair criteria to evaluate vendor proposals and choose a supplier. Since each new program gets its own Bid Evaluation Committee, the commitment is short term — usually about six hours of active work over the course of three months. All correspondence is via email or conference calls, so committee members don’t have to worry about time lost to travel, and even those in distant municipalities can participate.

Volunteers are not limited to one committee and are more than welcome to join both. If you are in administration from a SUMA member municipality and want to know more about how to participate in one of our SUMAdvantage committees, contact Tania Wendling (306-525-4379). If you are an elected official, you can encourage your administration to join one of the committees to help improve how Saskatchewan urban municipalities goods and services.