Kelln Solar

Kelln Solar is Canada’s largest manufacturer of solar water pumping systems and Canada’s largest distributor of the UNI-SOLAR photovoltaic product line. Quality products, customer satisfaction and energy conservation is the backbone on which Kelln Solar strives to meet its customer needs. Kelln Solar has been providing solar solutions since 1984. Learn more about Solar Pool Heating. One of Saskatchewan’s primary energy efficient resources is free – the sun. However, harnessing that resource requires an initial capital cost outlay.

Member Advantages

  • Three to five year payback period on capital cost
  • Lower fossil-fuel usage = significant reduction of CO2 (greenhouse gas)
  • Automatic eligibility (assuming approval by ecoENERGY) for 25 per cent provincial funds
  • Reduction in cost through partnership program – eight per cent on both panels and installation, as these are the major cost components, this reduction is considerable
  • Administration of the program from the SUMA office provides a solid base for any issues arising that require resolution or clarification.

Contact Information
Please contact the SUMA office and identify yourself as a member.

SUMA - Tania Wendling
Phone: 306-525-4379
Fax: 306-525-4373