Lexcom Systems Group Inc.

Lexcom Systems Group Inc. is a Saskatchewan based company offering information technology services to organizations who wish to acquire network infrastructure services from the ground up.

SUMA partnered with LexcomSystems Group Inc. in 2006 to offer its members an effective solution to pressing information technology needs in the municipal sector. The solutions provided by Lexcom take away the challenges of deploying and maintaining complex secure network and email systems which need to comply with privacy legislation. Lexcom currently supports SUMA’s main office, and numerous public and private sector clients.

Member Advantages

  • IT systems fully supported by Lexcom for the duration of the agreement
  • Ability to maintain systems on a remote basis
  • SMART agreement covering Microsoft products eliminate “over licensing” costs
  • No need for recruiting, training, and retaining IT personnel
  • Agreements are flexible to meet growing needs of the organization
  • SMART licensing can be adjusted monthly to reflect seasonal work force
  • Off-site backup service of your data increases compliance with best practices
  • System allow for remote access by designated staff to allow tele-commuting
  • Solutions custom designed for any size of municipality

Member Invoicing
Lexcom will apply discount and invoice directly to the member municipality.

Contact Information
Call Lexcom to place your order and identify yourself as a SUMA member.

Lexcom Systems Group Inc.
Phone: 1-877-539-2663
Website: www.lexcom.ca