Michelin provides SUMA with a National Account to offer members with discounts. Michelin tires can be conveniently purchased through a number of dealers. These dealers will provide you with the product information and their price on Michelin tires but in order to get the SUMA member price you must contact the SUMA office.

Member Advantages

  • SUMA discount varies depending on the type of Michelin tire purchased
  • Products can be shipped direct to the municipality. Shipping charges will be handled by the municipality.

Contact and Ordering Information

1. Use Saskatchewan Urban Municipal #0337378 when connecting with any of these dealers for available stock:

2. Once stock and product availability is determined, please call SUMA for member pricing.
3. Contact the dealer of your choice to place your order.
4. SUMA will invoice the member municipality with the discounts applied.

Contact Information
SUMA - Lisa Rawlings
Phone: 306-525-4466
Email: lrawlings@suma.org