Landfill Environmental Site Assessment Program

Supporting municipalities conducting Phase II Environmental Site Assessments for closed or closing landfills.

The Landfill Environmental Site Assessment (LESA) Program, a partnership between SUMA and the Ministry of Environment, provides funding to support municipalities conducting Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for closed or closing landfills. 

ESAs help determine if a landfill has any impact on receptors such as potable water wells and help determine the appropriate closure plan for the facility. 

Grant amounts

LESA provides funding for up to 10 environmental site assessments, with each grant covering up to $22,500 of the cost of completing an assessment. Municipalities are responsible for any remaining cost.

Application requirements

  • Be an urban, rural, or northern municipality in Saskatchewan that has applied to the Environmental Protection Branch to close their municipal landfill.
  • Require an Environmental Site Assessment. Municipalities with complete Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are not eligible to apply to the LESA Program for reimbursement.
  • Indicate the consultant your municipality intends to work with for the Environmental Site Assessment from a list created by SUMA through a request for proposal process.

The application process for the Landfill Environmental Site Assessment Program is now closed and the grant recipients have been selected. 

The recipients are the: 

  • Rural Municipality of Emerald No. 277
  • Rural Municipality of Pinto Creek No. 75
  • Rural Municipality of St. Louis No. 431
  • Town of Choiceland
  • Town of Springside
  • Town of St. Walburg
  • Village of Invermay
  • Village of Neville
  • Village of Rama
  • Village of Success



Contact Steven Dribnenki, SUMA's Legal Services Advisor, at 306-525-4389.