The Benefits of SUMAdvantage

July 13, 2017

SUMAdvantage, our group purchasing program designed to help members save money was created to benefit all SUMA members and support the work SUMA does on behalf of its members. While we encourage inter-municipal cooperation between member municipalities, we want you to know about the many benefits received through utilizing the SUMAdvantage program.

  1. Your SUMA membership gives you access to SUMAdvantage, with no additional cost. In fact, vendors pay us a marketing fee, which helps support the work SUMA does all year long, on behalf of all our members, and helps keep your membership fees low.
  2. You get to be involved as much or as little as you like in the development of our group purchasing programs. We offer two committees for members to participate in: Program Development Advisory Committee or Bid Evaluation Committees. Our Program Development Advisory Committee gives you a say in the programs we decide to pursue. Our Bid Evaluation Committees allows you to have a say in how our request for proposal is designed and help pick the vendor(s) we partner with. (You can get more details on the committees on page 40 of the fall 2016 Urban Voice.)
  3. You can trust that our partners have been vetted through an extensive process, because we make it our business to continually educate ourselves in public procurement best practices, and ensure our process is fair, transparent, and compliant with trade agreements.
  4. We share that knowledge and our resources with members. We have templates and presentations, and are available to answer your questions. Just ask us!
  5. We can even help you find a vendor for a particular product or service not offered through SUMAdvantage. We have an extensive list of vendor contacts, so don't hesitate to be in touch if you're looking for a vendor.

Want to know more about how to utilize SUMAdvantage or get involved in the committees? Contact Tania Wendling, Director Corporate Programs and Member Services, at or 306-525-4379.