Information on what's happening at SUMA and in the municipal field.

Crime Reduction Committee Tour

December 15, 2016

The Crime Reduction Committee was struck recently to examine crime in Saskatchewan. Their goal is "to determine where provincial policies are effective in reducing and eliminating crime, and what best-practices can be used to reduce it in other areas." The committee will be touring the province to receive input from organizations, individuals and communities (see the schedule below) and are welcoming written submissions if you cannot attend. Interim President Goulden will appear on behalf of SUMA at the Yorkton stop on the tour, but we encourage members to attend or provide submissions as well. Submissions can be sent to…

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Apply Now for Infrastructure Funding

December 08, 2016

The Government of Saskatchewan is now accepting applications for infrastructure projects through two funding programs: the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF), and the Provincial Territorial Infrastructure Component (PTIC) of the New Building Canada Fund. You can use the same online form to apply to both programs, but previous PTIC applications will need to be resubmitted. The form and more information are available on the Government of Saskatchewan website. Start now, because applications are due by noon on Monday, January 23, 2017. Details on the announcement are also available in their media release.

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Board of Directors Update

November 29, 2016

Randy Goulden has be elected Interim President by the Board of Directors to serve until the end Convention 2017. Rounding out the Executive Committee is: 

  • VP of Cities: Bob Maloney;
  • VP of Towns: Rodger Hayward;
  • Interim VP of Villages, Resort Villages, and Northern Municipalities: Mike Strachan; and 
  • Saskatoon/Regina Executive Member: Mike O'Donnell. 

The single-city regions are represented by:

  • Saskatoon: Darren Hill and alternate Randy Donauer;
  • Prince Albert: Don Cody;
  • Regina: Bob Hawkins and Mike O'Donnell; and
  • Moose Jaw: Dawn Luhning.

Regional meetings wrapped up last week, so the seven southern regions have elected their Board representatives: 

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Register Now for Fall MLDP Modules

November 17, 2016

While SUMA staff are giving the Municipal Leaders' Roles and Responsibilities workshops around Saskatchewan, we also remind you that you can register for the other Municipal Leadership Development Program (MLDP) modules coming up later this fall. These workshops are a great way for council members to network and learn about strengthening leadership in local government. Past attendees have had glowing reviews:

  • "Great presenter with a vast knowledge of the material as well as a varied background on many aspects of the profession."
  • "Very good workshop — I wish that all of council would take it!"
  • "All councillors should be…

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SUMA Pleased to See Further Investment in Infrastructure

November 02, 2016

The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) is pleased to see the Government of Canada expanding their investment in infrastructure as announced yesterday in the fall fiscal update.

See our full response in today's media release

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Bylaw Enforcement Officer Survey

November 01, 2016

Do you have a bylaw enforcement officer? SUMA and our friends at SARM are surveying members on behalf of the  Saskatchewan Association of Municipal Enforcement Officers  (SAMEO). We are looking for information on the salaries and hours for your bylaw enforcement officers. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.

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SUMA Elections

October 28, 2016

Now that municipal elections are concluded, SUMA is looking ahead to the elections for our Board of Directors. This document explains the official procedures to elect and appoint SUMA Board members.

Some members of the SUMA Board did not seek re-election in their municipalities, and some were not re-elected. All of those vacancies will be filled in accordance with our bylaws as we move through the full election process.

The election process for the new Board of Directors will begin in November, when the seven southern regions will elect their respective directors and alternates. The Northeast, Northwest,

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FCM Program to Establish Joint Solid Waste Management Projects

October 04, 2016

Municipalities and First Nations are invited to apply to the Community Infrastructure Partnership Project to establish joint solid waste management projects. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is delivering the program with funds from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. Six partnerships between First Nations and municipalities will get facilitation and capacity building services for two years (2016-18) to develop service agreements on solid waste management, including recycling and composting. Don't miss this valuable opportunity; get your application in before the Monday, October 24 deadline. Details are available on the FCM website and in their October 4…

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Federal Infrastructure Funding Announcement for Saskatchewan

September 16, 2016

The provincial and federal governments announced their agreement under new federal infrastructure funding programs today, and SUMA's Vice-President of Cities, Mayor Malcolm Eaton, was on hand to give remarks. 

"The residents of our hometowns expect high-quality, safe, reliable infrastructure. They deserve it," said Eaton. "This funding helps us ensure urban Saskatchewan is a great place to live, work, and play."

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FCM Seeking Canada 150 Community Leaders

September 08, 2016

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is launching a network to help local leaders get involved with the 150th anniversary of Confederation, and you can designate leaders from your municipality. Canada 150 Community leaders will not only serve as representatives during Canada 150 events, they will also share information and continue the network beyond the 2017 celebrations. Your choices aren't just limited to council members, and you can choose more than one. Details on who you could designate as your community leader, including a submission form, are available on the FCM website. Be part of the celebration…

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