SUMA’s 2015 Federal Election Advocacy Hub

This page is dedicated to providing you with information on SUMA’s advocacy campaign during the 42nd Federal Election. Here you will find information on the key issues we’ll be raising (in various forms), links to social media platforms, and recent articles relating to the issues we are championing. Please check back often, as this page will be updated throughout the course of the election campaign until Canadians go to the polls on October 19, 2015.

Campaign Overview

For the 2015 Federal Election Campaign, SUMA has identified four key themes that we will be discussing in a variety of forums throughout the campaign:
  1. Public safety
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Quality of life
  4. The mandatory long-form census
We are calling on all federal parties to present platforms that:
  • empower municipalities to ensure our communities are safe, affordable, provide a high standard of living, and attract investment and jobs; 
  • provide proper funding to build modern and climate-resistant infrastructure and ensure existing infrastructure meets national standards; 
  • increase access to affordable housing; and
  • allow municipalities to plan and monitor their changing communities and ensure they receive accurate per capita funding from other orders of government through the return of the long-form census.
As part of our advocacy efforts, we will also be working closely with our partners at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). The FCM’s national campaign, Hometown Proud, will bring attention to common issues facing municipalities across the country. This campaign includes A Roadmap for a Strong Canada, which we encourage you to review.


Important Resources from SUMA



These documents will explain the key messages and background of the issues SUMA is highlighting in this campaign. Review these carefully to ensure you understand the issues. Print versions of these are also being sent to member municipalities, with a copy of each for council members and one for administration. 
Municipal Issues Backgrounder
Municipal Issues Info Card


Letters to the Editor Templates

These Word documents are provided for you to personalize with your municipality's information and send to your local newspaper(s). We will be focussing our advocacy work on one issue per week, so send your letters in for the corresponding week below. 
Public Safety (week of September 14)
Infrastructure (week of September 21)
Quality of Life (week of September 28)
Mandatory Long-Form Census (week of October 5)


Letter to Candidates Template

This Word document is another one for you to personalize on behalf of your municipality. When it is personalized, you can send a copy to each candidate in your riding.
Municipal Issues


Questions for Political Debates

The following debate questions have been prepared for you to use at any local candidate debates in your community. There is one question for each of the issues outlined in the Municipal Issues Backgrounder, including some context. Feel free to personalize the questions with issues from your municipality.
Word version (personalizable)
PDF version (easy to download and print)


Platform Grid

This document is a quick-view guide to what the three major parties' platforms and announcements contain compared to the needs and fixes we've identified. 
Platform Grid


President's Update

As the campaign progresses, members should watch their email for updates from SUMA President Debra Button.
August 17 President's Update (Amplify Our Voice: SUMA working for our members during federal election campaign)
September 4 President's Update (Local Issues are Federal Issues: Kicking off SUMA's 2015 federal election advocacy campaign)
September 30 President's Update (Update on our Federal Election Advocacy)
October 20 President's Update (Wrapping Up the 2015 Federal Election Advocacy Campaign)

Other Online Resources


Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)

Federal Election Advocacy Campaign: Hometown Proud 
Roadmap for a Stronger Canada 
Canada’s Cities. Canada’s Future
Municipal Information Network  
Canadian Construction Association Election Portal  
Vote Infrastructure (Association of Consulting Engineering Companies) 
Housing For All – The Canadian Housing & Renewal Association 
Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce  
Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) 


Amplify Your Voice

Throughout the election campaign, we encourage you to share and retweet our social media content, as well as that of the FCM. We’ve also included a list of suggested hashtags to get our messages spread as widely as possible — and to those who need to see them.


SUMA Social Media Platforms



FCM Social Media Platforms



Suggested Hashtags



In the News


August 2015

These are the issues Federal Party Leaders Should be Debating (FCM President, Raymond Louie)
Celine Cooper: Canadians need a national conversation on the state of our cities


September 2015

Cooper: Return to long-form census data
Reviving the census debate
Bring census back, says SUMA 
John Gormley Show (SUMA CEO, Laurent Mougeot, on the long-form census)
5 Questions for Federal Leaders on the Economy (FCM President, Raymond Louie)
Mayor looking for more federal talk on infrastructure (Moose Jaw Mayor, Deb Higgins)
SUMA Waiting for Affordable Housing Promise in Election Campaign (620 CRKM)
Mayor calls for a national disaster strategy (Melfort Mayor, Rick Lang)
New federal infrastructure program needed (Melfort Mayor, Rick Lang)
SUMA's election wish


October 2015

3 Easy Steps to Voting for Your Hometown in This Federal Election (FCM President, Raymont Louie)
Municipal Issues series (blog of Mayor of Kindersley, John Enns-Wind)
Atchison welcomes Trudeau government
Sask. cities eager for Liberals' infrastructure plan